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Don’t eat the TV, unless it’s the MasterChef Restaurant

January 31, 2018

MasterChef is so much more than just a TV show, it is now a restaurant too! Many of us have watched a cooking show and thought, “I wonder what that tastes like…” With the upcoming MasterChef themed restaurant in Dubai, you can actually find out. A world-first, the restaurant is set to open later in the year and will be called the “MasterChef the TV Experience.”

The concept offers diners a fully immersive experience. In an announcement by The First Group, they state that the restaurant will be feature “an interior design concept inspired by the MasterChef TV set itself, diners will be able to choose from a dynamic menu featuring popular original dishes conceived and inspired by series contestants and champions.” Just to be clear, there will not be any contestants whipping, stirring and flipping furiously to win but the ambience is designed around the show’s look and feel.

MasterChef Restaurant

Frances Adams, the Director of Brand Strategy for the company that produces and distributes the MasterChef TV show said:

MasterChef has a global fan base who are keen to engage with the brand in new ways and our extensive range of successful products and experiences are testament to its worldwide appeal.MasterChef the TV Experience is an exciting opportunity for audiences in this market to enjoy a unique and immersive dining experience that will truly reflect the values, quality and integrity associated with MasterChef.

The Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel will be home to the first MasterChef the TV Experience, but The First Group says it plans on opening branches in different cities across the world.

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