Justin Timberlake takes on the Super Bowl halftime

February 5, 2018

Whether you watch American Football or not, you have to admit, you love the big halftime performances. This year’s Super Bowl performer was Justin Timberlake, who put on quite a show. He danced and rang through some of his biggest hits, he also performed with a projection of Prince on a large purple cloth. Here are some highlights from JT’s Super Bowl Halftime performance.

He started in the stadium basement, with his newest song, ‘Filthy.’

JT pulled out ‘Rock your body’ once he emerged.

He got the crowd jumping with his hit ‘Cry me a river.’

Then he put on his ‘Suit and Tie’ and did this.

He played the piano alongside a projection of Prince (which was supposed to be a hologram but was scrapped due to backlash). 

Then a whole bunch of mirrors were held up as he sang ‘Mirror.’

He ended with ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and the most awkward kid ever. #SuperbowlSelfie

Watch the entire performance below.


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