Modern slang: Do you speak it?

March 6, 2018

Whether you are a Millennial, a Generation Z kid or just a mum trying to make sense of the gibberish your kids are throwing around, you are here because you want to understand modern slang, cool-speak and the 411 (the truth). In the beginning, slang was something we reserved for text messages and casual (or ‘caj’) emails but it has found a way into our everyday conversations. This sudden influx of abbreviations and words we do not understand can leave us confused and lost. Fret not, we are here to help you.

We have put together a list of modern slang words and abbreviations that are currently at the forefront of the slang brigade. Check them out below.

Basic: A way to address a person who is only interested in mainstream, popular and trending things.

Yaas!: A mildly annoying way to express extreme excitement.

Bae: Commonly used by lovestruck individuals when addressing their partner. Also an abbreviation for ‘before anyone else.’

Cray: Crazy.

On fleek: A modern way to describe perfection.

Hundo P: 100%

Trill: True + real.

Salty: A word used to describe someone who is agitated or bitter.

FR: The abbreviation of for real.

Savage: This can be used to describe a person who says or does something cruel or brutal.

Woke: When you are ‘woke,’ you know what is happening around you.

Extra: When someone overdoes it, they act ‘extra.’ Or kind of like this McDonalds’ ring.

Fam: A term used to describe your close friends or your actual family.

V: Very



What are some of your favourite slang words? Let us know below. 

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