A chocolate burger and more of what the world has to offer this April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2018

Yes, today is the day when half of the world wakes up eager to prank someone and the other half of us cringe at the thought of being a victim. It is April Fool’s Day! As tradition goes, it isn’t just ordinary people who prank each other, big brands do it too. Here are some of the glorious offerings for this year’s April Fool’s.

The world’s first chocolate mayonnaise

This year, Heinz gives us their ‘[Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise.’ A creamy blend of rich Belgian chocolate and well, mayonnaise. Would you be brave enough to try this?

A chocolate burger

It seems to be the year of chocolate. Burger King’s April Fool’s contender is their so-good-it’s-not-real Chocolate Burger. A chocolate cake bun, with a grilled chocolate patty topped with vanilla frosting, candied oranges and chocolate flakes. A pure treat. Too bad it is a joke, but we would like to start a petition to make it happen!

A baby-puppy Tough Mudder obstacle course 

The only thing better than fit athletes participating in the Tough Mudder race is puppies and babies going head to head to win the medal and our affection. For 2018, the obstacle course asks people to sign up their puppies and/or babies for the competition (as a joke). We do wish it was real but are sort of grateful it isn’t, we wouldn’t know which team to get behind.

The first ever ‘Toy Wash’

Image via DigitalSpy

Say no to dirty, grimy toys with Kärcher’s first ever ‘Toy Wash.’ It appears to be a mini, portable washer for toys. Perfect for superheroes who have travelled across the city with your child and picked up bacterial buddies on the way. Okay, it is not a real thing (yet) but hey, parents can dream, right?

Let us know if you got pranked this year, or if you pranked someone, in the comments below.



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