Emirates launches a new SkyLounge… but only for April Fool’s Day

April 2, 2018

Some companies take April Fool’s Day quite seriously. We saw how brands celebrated their day outside the UAE but brands within the nation had tricks of their own up their sleeves too. This year, nominations for best prank are Emirates Airline, Careem, Chevrolet, Reel Cinemas and Deliveroo.

Emirates SkyLounge

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Emirates announced that they were launching a brand-new flight experience – a glass ceiling SkyLounge. The first of its kind on-flight lounge would give passengers unrivalled views of the sky as they fly through it, as well as the opportunity to take some unbelievable Instagram photos. Some people actually bought it and even asked when this new lounge would be made available.

Careem space rides

Careem promised to take their customers on intergalactic rides through space, provided they book their seat via the ‘beta’ version of their new (and fake) Careem Space app. They even made an entire video to increase the legitimacy of it all.

Deliveroo “Try Before You Buy” feature 

Deliveroo updated their app to include the iOs ApRf00L “Try Before You Buy” feature, which would let users “go through [their] favourite restaurants and get an idea of the smell and taste of each menu item.” If the name didn’t give the prank away, we’re not sure what else would.

Chevy’s selfie steering wheel

The most important part of driving, is taking a great picture while you are doing it, right? Chevrolet heard the cry of the people and introduced the Selfie Steering Wheel. To be fair, with all the progress autonomous cars are making, we would not be surprised if one day this will no longer be a joke.

Reel Cinemas new flavour of popcorn

Popcorn is an essential part of watching a movie so it seems only fair that Reel Cinemas upped the game with their newest flavour of popcorn, Vanilla-Jalapeno. Not the most ideal combination to some, but it seemed pretty on point for April Fool’s Day.

Do you have any favourite pranks from this year? Tell us in the comments below. 

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