This is what happens when you eat the world’s hottest chilli!

April 10, 2018

You most certainly know the California Reaper, only the hottest chilli in the world but, have you heard of the side effects, or rather, consequences of eating one? Well, a 34-year-old man in New York found out the hard way after participating in a chilli eating competition. He developed “excruciating” thunderclap headaches and had to be rushed to the emergency centre because he thought he was suffering from brain aneurysms.

Okay, exactly how hot is a California Reaper really? Well, first off, it holds the title as the Guinness World Records World’s Hottest Pepper and has a score of 2 million Scoville heat units, the world’s accepted scale for measuring how hot peppers are. To put it in perspective for you, the hot habanero comes in with 500,000 Scoville units – that is one million five hundred thousand units less than the California Reaper.

Now, what is a thunderclap headache? It is often described as a “headache that is severe and sudden-onset. It is defined as a severe headache that takes seconds to minutes to reach maximum intensity,” or a skull-crushing headache that makes you feel like you have been hit with a baseball bat.

Last year, the One Chip Challenge went viral. People filmed themselves eating a California Reaper seasoned tortilla chip flavoured. A news team in America did it too!

When the man arrived at the hospital, a CT scan revealed that there was no internal bleeding in his brain but that his arteries had severely narrowed, scientifically called vasoconstriction or vasospasm. People suffering from a thunderclap headache have to be injected with painkillers because ingestible ones just won’t do. The man is fine now.

Ed Currie, the creator of the California Reaper

For those of you wondering, what would the average person do if they for some reason decided that they wanted to part take in a hot-pepper-eating competition? The creator and breeder of the California Reaper, Ed Currie, says “Citric acid seems to work the best to alleviate the pain. Don’t chug milk because you’ll just throw it up.”

So, would you be daring enough to take a bite of the pepper from hell? Tell us in the comments below.

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