RedOne in Dubai: Heart 107.1 exclusive interview

April 24, 2018

RedOne, the world-famous record producer, singer and songwriter and record who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Akon, Michael Jackson, U2 and Nicki Minaj (to name a few) stop by the Heart 107.1 studio to have a very interesting chat with the Heart Breakfast team.

Watch the interview in the in-depth video in the video below.

The multi-talented producer told the Heart Breakfast team that he has now transitioned from being a producer to an artist. Apparently, he started off as a singer but found it very difficult to pick a style since he enjoyed so many. That is why he opted to be a producer because this way his love for music could span all genres and working with different artist allows him to make something unique every time.

RedOne speaks six languages and was in Dubai for the Global Teacher’s Prize. It was evident that he has a lot of love and respect for teachers and their role in society.

When asked to name his favourite project, he could not choose, because he loves each project so much. However, he did say that Enrique Iglesias is one of his best friends. The two share a very brotherly bond that is equal parts fun and support.

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