Can you believe they were kicked off a plane for this?

May 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get kicked off a plane? In some cases, not much, it would seem. According to an article by the Independent, here are some of the funniest reasons why people were kicked off an aeroplane.

Birthday wishes
A family of four on a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas were kicked off over a birthday cake. The family placed the precious cargo in the overhead bin, before being instructed to place it in a second bin and, finally, to put it on the floor in front of them. The passengers complied, but a second member of cabin crew intervened to contest the cake’s location. The situation escalated, resulting in officers being brought in and the entire flight being forced to disembark. The family were left on the tarmac to make alternative travel arrangements.

Size matters
A 7ft tall professional athlete was ejected from a flight Moscow-bound from Siberia for being too tall. Alexander Kimerov was escorted off his flight by police officers after a heated exchange with a flight attendant who alleged that the volleyball player’s legs were blocking the aisle. Kimerov, who was flying with the budget airline Pobeda, offered to pay more for a seat upgrade with more leg room, but the offer was refused. The discussion escalated and police were called.

Low riders
A passenger attempting to travel from Chicago to Orlando with Spirit Airlines was removed from a flight because of his “excessively low” jeans. While no skin was exposed, the passenger’s jeans were, apparently, below his backside. A Spirit Airlines spokesperson was reported to say: “It was to the point where his entire bottom was hanging out. And that’s not appropriate.” The man was then alleged to become “unruly and aggressive” after being challenged on his attire and was consequently removed from the flight.

Did someone say Grinch?
Not everyone is filled with the spirit of goodwill to all men, as staff at New York’s La Guardia airport discovered when wishing a passenger a merry Christmas. The man took exception to the seasonal tidings and responded aggressively. A second attendant made a similar mistake, fuelling the man’s rage further and resulting in him being escorted from the plane.

One day I’ll fly away…
An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu carried a passenger who said he had seen a butterfly emerge from the seat pocket in front of him. The man proceeded to chase the butterfly through the cabin and into the toilet in an attempt to kill it. His erratic behaviour concerned the flight crew, who suspected him of carrying explosives; the captain initiated bomb procedures and he was escorted off the flight and arrested upon landing. The passenger later maintained that he must have been “ill” at the time, and had hallucinated the entire incident.

Do you know of any incidents where someone has been removed from a plane? Tell us in the comments below.

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