The Thai Cave Rescue Mission Continues

July 9, 2018

News broke out 17 days ago that 12 boys and their football coach were trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand after a discovery expedition went horribly wrong.

Search and rescue crews tried in vain to locate the boys but the rising water levels and the threatening monsoon rains threatened to bring tragic news to the throngs of families and volunteers who had camped outside the cave wanting to help the rescue efforts in any way.

An International team was assembled comprising of the Thai Navy seals, the world’s best cave divers from USA, UK, China, Australia and around the world, 50 in total, in the race against time to locate and rescue the boys & their coach before the monsoon rains hit Chiang Rai.

Then a miracle happened, 2 cave divers located the boys on a ledge 4 km into the complicated and dangerous tunnels of the cave, hungry but alive.

The Thai authorities put a plan together, with the help of the International rescue teams, to get the boys out before time runs out.

This plan has so far run smoothly enough with 4 of the 12 boys already in hospital and being treated. The rest will have to wait till today when the rescue operations continue.

It’s a long road to recovery for those Thai boys, but with the help of their families and the outpouring of love and support from rest of the world, I think they will be all right.

Nothing unites us humans like grief, human suffering and tragedy. Hopefully this story will have a happy ending.

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