Heart Mornings with Katie interviews Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri

November 29, 2018

Nina Davuluri is an acclaimed host, speaker, advocate & entrepreneur, she first gained international recognition by becoming the first Indian American and South Asian to become Miss America 2014.

Her most recent venture combines the network she has cultivated, her love for advocacy, and disrupting global beauty standards with the launch of her innovative skincare line, aavrani.

Raised in a culture sensitive to skin tones, Nina was hyper-aware of the skin lightening industry and how it dramatically influences beauty standards. Through advocating for diversity and encouraging others to embrace their identity, she knew it was important to deliver a skincare product that champions everyone to feel proud and confident in their skin, regardless of their complexion.

Core to the essence of aavrani is female empowerment–in Hindi “Rani” means “Queen”, and through her continued advocacy work, Nina’s mission is to help empower others. Through aavrani’s social impact partnership with the Shanti Bhavan school, the company provides children in India with access to education and mentorship.


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