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Oops, Looks Like Evita Is Late for Work

January 6, 2019

Our day started with a frantic search for our new Heart presenter, Evita! We dug deep into our sandpit only to find out that we were looking in the wrong place! In an unfortunate turn of events, it looks like Evita is going to be late for work. She was expected at the Heart studio at 6:00am but we just got news that Evita is still clocking on Indian Standard Time!

It seems like Bangalore wasn’t ready to let go of Evita, so she’ll be enjoying a few extra days in her home city before finding her way to Dubai! We’ve checked in with Evita and she says the excitement levels are still intact (as is ours!) and she can’t wait to warm up her seat in the studio.

Today’s events got us thinking of the best (and worst) excuses for coming late to work. You can blame it on the traffic build up on Sheikh Zayed Road or on your severe allergic reaction to the first rays of the morning sun, but the real question is whether the excuse worked or not, or do you just Bieber it and ask your boss “is it too late to say I’m sorry”?

We’ve been going around the office gathering up the best-told-excuses but we really want to know what yours are! Spill your best “late for work” excuse in the comment section below and we promise to share the top five.

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