Game Of Thrones And Theories: Season 8

January 15, 2019

Let the countdown begin, ’cause Game Of Thrones Season 8 is set to premiere on Sunday, April 14. The vague teaser has left us with more questions than answers, and we’re already scavenging for any clues we can get our hands on!

The teaser shows Arya, Sansa and Jon reuniting at the crypts of Winterfell, where whispers of the past are heard, a precious yet fallen feather makes an appearance and the chill of winter literally creeps in. But in a unsettling twist, the trio stand facing their own crypts which really makes us wonder whether the “pack will survive”?

Arya Sansa Jon

The teaser ends with the three drawing out their swords, ready to take on whatever comes in their battle #forthethrone. We’re equal levels excited and nervous to see what the 6 episode show unveils, and we’re eager to start the conversation on GOT theories.

GOT theories starter pack:

  1. Will Jon Snow sit on the throne?
  2. Will him and Daernys break up once he finds out she’s his aunt?
  3. Internet rumors say Bran is the Night King. You think?
  4. Will there be a dragon baby?
  5. And will Ed Sheeran make another cameo?

Tell us what your most wicked GOT theory is in the comments below! 

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