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20 Facts About Our Top Heart FM Legends

January 20, 2019

From reggae to rock ‘n’ roll, our top ten Heart FM legends have literally set the tone right for generations to come! Their iconic tunes continue to fill our airwaves and lives, leaving us forever fascinated!

We’ve been on a mini mission of sorts to find the most bizarre facts about these inspiring artists. Here’s what we found.

Bob Marley

  • He was born Nesta Robert Marley but people pointed out that “Nesta” sounded like a girl’s name.
  • Before he became a famous singer, Bob Marley was a palm reader and gave spookily accurate predictions!

Bob Marley Fun Facts

Michael Jackson

  • The King of Pop was crowned the king of Gabon, Ivory Coast. That makes him bonafide royalty.
  • He’s still the most awarded artist of all time! The Thriller star has received more than 800 awards!

Michael Jackson Fun Facts


  • She’s terrified of thunder and lightening- it’s called brontophobia. She’s known to ask for regular weather updates to avoid a last minute “rain check”.
  • Her and Celine Dion have the same French- Canadian ancestor, Zacharie Cloutier!Celine Dion and Madonna


  •  He wrote his first song when he was 7 and it was called “Funk Machine” and went on to write some of the biggest hits like “Manic Monday” by The Bangles and “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor. 
  • He won a Golden Globe for “The Song of The Heart” from Happy Feet.Prince Fun Facts

Stevie Wonder

  • He never used his right thumb when playing the keyboard. Interesting!
  • At 13, he was the youngest person to top Billboard’s Hot 100 (whoa!).

Stevie Wonder Fingertips

Whitney Houston

  • Her favourite colour was purple. She even made her entire bridal party wear the hue on her wedding. Including the groomsmen.
  • She was the first woman of colour to feature on the cover of Seventeen.Whitney Houston Seventeen cover


  • Freddie Mercury’s final resting place is a secret. He wanted to rest in peace. Ssssh!
  • He accidentally invented the free standing mic when his broke mid-show.Freddie Mercury Broken Mic

Kool & The Gang 

  • The band was originally called “The Jazziacs”.
  • The original name for hit “Joanna” was actually “Dear Mom”. 

Duran Duran 

  • They had their own board game called Arena.
  • Simon Le Bon, nearly drowned (twice!). Once while shooting for Wild Boys, where he is tied to a windmill and dunked in a lake! And another when his boat capsized. 

David Bowie

  • He named himself after the Bowie knife. 
  • His left pupil was always dilated which gives the illusion of different iris colours. It’s his most iconic feature.

 David Bowie eyes


Did you know about these facts or are they little-known gems? And which one surprised you the most? Spill in the comments below! 

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