There’s More To The Egg That Cracked The Internet

February 5, 2019

What’s the boiling hot news of the day? The egg that broke the Internet and Kylie Jenner’s record of the most liked Instagram picture has “cracked” under pressure.

The viral egg left everyone baffled when it first made appearance on the handle @world.record.egg; why egg-xactly are we liking a picture of an egg and who is the behind this dethroning of the “Queen of Instagram”? Little was known about the infamous egg.

However once the record was broken, the egg known as Eugene started making more appearances and also showed signs of slowly cracking. Finally after one whole month, the social media pressure was unbearable for her.

But all’s not what it seems.

This entire spectacle was actually an egg-cellent campaign for mental health that was created by Chris Godfrey,  an advertising creative who works at The&Partnership in London. He confirmed that all the likes were completely organic (whoa!) and that he chose the egg for his Instagram challenge because it has no gender, no race, and no religion- “An egg is an egg, it’s universal.”

He however, did not expect the egg to go viral and considers it a “fluke that caught the world’s attention.” With the new-found success, he went on to partner with HULU and came up with an outstanding campaign that fuels the conversation of mental health. The viral video ended by saying “If you’re feeling the pressure, visit”

Eugene is putting her fame to good use and will continue to advocate for good causes. 

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