How Stooopid Are These Questions?

February 16, 2019

From superstitions to some very “crucial” facts that’ll help fuel the “who does it better” conversations, the Heart Breakfast team dive into the weird and wacky world of “Stooopid Surveys” every single morning and listeners are hooked! If you’ve missed out on our questions and answers, worry not ’cause we have a Stooopid Survey archive now available to you.

Note: This will be updated weekly.

1. This takes 8 minutes for a woman, but 12 for a man. What is it?
Answer: Finding a parked car


2. 31% of men think they can do this better than women.
Answer: Ironing


3. This is usually meant as a compliment but 74% of people say they never want to hear it.
Answer: You look good for your age


4. 66% of people admit they definitely judge people by this.
Answer: A cellphone ringtone


5. 42% of people feel comfortable enough to do this after 4 months of being with someone.
Answer: Share a toothbrush


6. When asked to describe their partner in 1 word, sweet was the #2 most used word. What word was at #1?
Answer: Stubborn


7.  According to this survey of the top superstitious things that people do, this was at the top of the list. What is it?
Answer: Crossing your fingers

8. 77% of adults say this is what they miss the most about their childhood.
Answer: Going to birthday parties

9.  Doing this atleast once during a job interview will ensure you get paid about 10% more money.
Answer: Tell a joke

10. 41% of us don’t know this very important thing about ourselves.
Answer: Our blood type

11. People who do this have more friends than people who don’t.
Answer: Make their bed

12. 48% of women really want this for Valentine’s Day.
Answer : a handwritten love letter

13. 36% of millennials don’t know how to do this very basic thing
Answer: Boil an egg


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