Dubai Police Have Their Very Own Crime Show

Dubai Police Have Their Very Own Crime Show

March 5, 2019

Always on the hunt for a new crime-thriller? Look no further ’cause Dubai Police have their very own crime show on IGTV! They recently released the real life drama teaser, backed with a very dramatic tagline, ”no matter how hard you try and conceal the evidence, we will uncover it”. Eeks!

Episode 1 “Behind the yellow tape” gives a glimpse of what really goes down when the Dubai Police get called in to a crime scene. The video shows the team heading to the scene to collect evidence and talks about the challenges they face given the diversity of different crimes. Have a look here.

We can’t wait for the Dubai Police to drop their next episode and also, truly marvel at their commitment to keep our nation safe. Did you know that according to the statistical analysis (2018 ) by the CEOWORLD magazine, Dubai is the 11th safest city in the world? And that Abu Dhabi is no.1?

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