Did They Actually Say That? 10 Funny Quotes from Celebs

Did They Actually Say That? 10 Funny Celeb Quotes

March 12, 2019

Umm… what?

Honestly, celebs say the most bizarre things ever! Like, is it another realm of genius or do they just get away with being silly? We’ve put together a collection of things celebs say that left us lost for words!

1 . Really Cameron, really?

2. Umm… take a wild guess! We’ll give you three guesses! 

3. A baby bunny smelling a spring flower is a good feeling. It is.

4. Imagine waking up next to Saint West, North West AND Chicago West!

5. Wait. What? Our eyes aren’t real???

6. Pick London. Definitely London.

7. Know-t making sense at all.

8. What about in England?

9. Maybe so that you can paint a perfect world?

10. Hands-down our all-time favourite. 

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