OMG! This Dubai Car Plate Number Sold for Dhs 4 million!

April 7, 2019


Dubai car plate number “12 W” sold for a whopping Dh4 million at the annual Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plate numbers public auction! In total the public action raised Dh23,475,000!!! And that’s not it. “20 z” sold for Dh2,760,000 and “222 Z” sold for Dh1,750,000.

The RTA said “the introduction of distinctive vehicle number plates through public and online auctions, encourages healthy competition among potential bidders as the numbers represent special dates, events, aspirations, or important landmarks in their lives. RTA seeks to organise the auctions according to the market demand and to enhance customer happiness. The large response to these auctions promote healthy competition to obtain these special numbers.”

Extreme much? What do you guys think?

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