Does The New Game of Thrones Song “Power Is Power” Have Spoilers?

April 21, 2019

“Cause power is power, the fire never goes out.”

Wait! Are SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott suggesting that the throne is Jon Snow’s? Or are we literally reading between the lines? The trio released the new track which features in the GoT album “For the Throne”. Have a listen here, so that we can go back to breaking down all the references.

Is it just us or are you also getting the the same vibe as All the Stars by Kendrick and SZA?

After playing the song a gazillion times,  the lyrics are really beginning to  fuel all our GoT theories. This is what we’re hearing.

1. “I was born of the ice and snow/ With the winter wolves, in the dark, alone / The wildest night, I became the one.” This is literally referencing to Jon Snow. Right?

2. “A knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down,” and “I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now” also refers to the time Jon Snow was stabbed and how he did come back from the dead.

3. The song title itself references to Cersei Lannister. In Season 2, in conversation with Littlefinger she told him “power is power”. But was Cersei still in the running for the throne? *confused*

4. When SZA sings these lyrics “Only love could kill me, god bless” we’re thinking that love could be the downfall of Dany.

5. “Lift the mask, they gon’ have to see what they can’t erase / I took a life, so I took it back (Do-do-do-do-do, yeah) / Danger’s on my mind (Ah) / Ain’t no knife, dagger, bullet that can do it.” This has definitely got to be the Night King, thinking he’s indestructible.

If every song in the Game of Thrones album is hiding some clues, we’re going to be up all night solving them. Anything #ForTheThrone.

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