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Here’s Why Cannons Are Fired in Dubai During Ramadan

May 8, 2019

Heard some cannon blasts across the city of Dubai?

Keep calm, ’cause the iconic cannon blasts are actually a signal for Iftar! The age-old tradition is one of the most loved parts of Ramadan here in Dubai. Naturally, we were intrigued to know more about the cannons.

The origins of this Ramadan tradition goes way back and has some very interesting stories. One story dates back to the 10th century when the Fatimid Caliphate placed a cannon at Cairo’s Muqatam Hill to signal the break of the fast.

Another story states that Mumluk Sultan of Egypt was trying out his new cannon and coincidently fired a ball at sunset- naturally people assumed it was a great way to send out the message of Iftar.

But wait… there’s another story.

Soldiers of Ismail the Magnificent, ruler of Egypt were cleaning out a cannon and by mistake set it off. Again, people assumed this was the call for Iftar. Guess, the cannon was destined to be the signal of Iftar!

Here in Dubai, the madfaa al iftar started in the 20th century during the reign of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. During the 1960s, the task was handed over to the Dubai Police. Major-General Abdulla Ali Al Gaithi, head of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency said, “It has been tradition since the 1960s to use cannons to announce Iftar every day. We fire around 200 cartridges across Dubai during Ramadan and Eid from the six cannons. Each cannon is fired twice in a row to announce Ramadan, once every day to announce Iftar and twice in a row to announce Eid and again twice in the morning of Eid, after Eid prayers”.

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. . اعتادت مدينة دبي سماع صوت المدفع الرمضاني منذ ستينات القرن الماضي خلال شهر رمضان المبارك، ليعلن عن انتهاء ساعات الصيام وبدء وقت الإفطار، وكعادتها تتيح شرطة دبي للزوار والسيّاح فرصة مشاهدة طقوس المدفع الرمضاني الأصيلة، لتوثيق ذكريات جديدة على إيقاع صوت المدفع المهيب. أماكن تواجد #مدافع_شرطة_دبي خلال شهر رمضان مبارك تتواجد في المواقع التالية: ١-مدينة جميرا ٢- سيتي ووك ٣- برج خليفة ٤- مصلى العيد – المنخول ٥- مصلى العيد – البراحة ٦- الخوانيج للمعلومات: 901 #رمضان_كريم #أمنكم_سعادتنا #نتواصل_ونحمي_نبتكر_ونبني . . #Dubai has been accustomed to hearing the sound of the #Ramadan cannon since the 1960s during the holy month of Ramadan to announce the end of fasting hours (Iftar) and the start of the time of fasting. Keeping alive the tradition of the Ramadan Cannon, #DubaiPolice provide visitors and tourists the opportunity to watch the authentic Ramadan Cannon rituals and enjoy unforgettable moments during the blessed fasting month. You can visit the Cannons at the following spots: 1- Madinat Jumeirah 2-Dubai City Walk 3- Burj Khalifa 4- Eid prayer ground in Mankhool 5- Eid prayer ground in Al Baraha 6-Al Khawaneej For more information, kindly call us on: 901. #ramadankareem #dubaipolicecannon #yoursecurityourhappiness #smartsecuretogether

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Where can you find the Dubai cannons?

The cannons are placed across 6 locations in Dubai- Burj Khalifa, Al Mankhool, Al Baraha, Fort Island and City Walk.

Oh! And there’s backup too. The General said, “The department has equipped six cannons, including four core and two reserves, which are to be used in the event that one of the cannons malfunctions.”

How interesting is that? Keep watching this space for more interesting facts on Ramadan in Dubai and tune in to Heart 107.1 FM for more!

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