Ava Max 10 Interesting Facts

Everything You Need To Know About Ava Max!

June 5, 2019

If you’ve been tuning into Heart FM you’ve probably heard Sweet But Psycho playing loud on our airwaves. Ava Max’s world hit song has been comfortably sitting at No. 1 on our charts and it doesn’t look like she’s about to budge anytime soon! The singer is definitely on her way to claim her pop icon status. Hail, Ava!

How interested are we in Ava Max? Very! Here are 10 little-known facts about Ava.

1. She was born Amanda Ava Koci on February 16, 1994 in Wisconsin.

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2. Ava Max is “100% Albanian” and is keen on staying rooted to her community.

3. She doesn’t like red carpets even though she always manages to look fab in front of the paps!

4. She dressed up as her favourite femme fatales to promote her hit single Sweet But Psycho.

5. She made a remake of Aqua’s Barbie Girl and retitled it to Not Your Barbie Girl – a feminist version of the 90s track.

6. She has her own signature haircut and it’s called the Max Cut. It represents strength, confidence, and being comfortable in your skin. Somebody, hand us the scissors now!

7. She co-wrote a song with David Guetta called Let It Be Me.

8. She’s a huge fan of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. And her mum.

9. She believes “women are the strongest creatures on earth” and strongly advocates this message.

10. Rumour has it that she’s dropping her debut album in summer 2019 and it’ll be called “The Exhibitionist”. Ava darling, can you confirm if this is true?

Stayed tuned to Heart FM to catch Ava’s Sweet But Psycho!

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