Is Posh Spice is Reuniting with the Spice Girls?

Is Posh Spice Reuniting with the Spice Girls?

July 28, 2019

According to Mel B it looks like Victoria Beckham could be joining the Spice Girls on tour! Oh, Posh Spice, “say you’ll be there 🎶”

On the sets of Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan, Scary Spice revealed that Posh Spice was thinking of joining the girls on stage. She said “Funnily enough, my mum was at her mum’s summer party and Victoria was there. She did actually mention to my mum that she’d love to do Glastonbury for their 50th anniversary.”

Looks like Beckham has a serious case of FOMO.

“It’s not just me saying it. She actually did say that to my mum!” Mel B went on to say. We believe you and we definitely believe Mama Spice. So, could this mean that Beckham will be at the 50th anniversary performance at Glastonbury?

*fingers crossed*

TBH the Spice Girls isn’t the same with Posh, is it? In January, she told host Michael Strahan on Good Morning America that “I’ll always be a Spice Girl and I’m so proud of everything I achieved. I’m proud of them.”

Even Harper’s rooting for the reunion.

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