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A chocolate burger and more of what the world has to offer this April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2018

Today is the day when half of the world wakes up eager to prank someone and the other half of us cringe at the thought of being a victim. It is April Fool’s Day! As tradition goes, it isn’t just ordinary people who prank each other, big brands do it too. Here are some of the glorious offerings for this year’s April Fool’s.

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Can you believe this is Christina Aguilera?

March 29, 2018

When we say Christina Aguilera, you probably conjure up images of her as the beautiful face with the flawless makeup. So, obviously, the Internet and the world was abuzz with surprise at her transformation for the Paper magazine. 37-year-old Aguilera ditched the mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and all the makeup and went all natural for the shoot.

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A social media getaway at The Atlantis Fan Suite

March 26, 2018

There’s no better way to celebrate reaching one million fans on Facebook than turning an entire suite into a social media haven. That is exactly what Atlantis The Palm did!  The Heart Breakfast presenters were invited to experience the Atlantis Fan Suite for themselves and it is safe to say, they would hit that like button […]

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Celebrating International Sleep Day with John Lewis and Heart 107.1

March 22, 2018

Who does not love sleeping? It is probably one of the best things out there, whether it is a power nap or a proper eight hours of those ZZZs. Heart 107.1 collaborated with John Lewis, the luxurious UK department store, to celebrate International Sleep Day (a day early). The Heart Breakfast team broadcasted live from John […]

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2018 Comic Con in Dubai will have a special guest

March 21, 2018

The Middle East Film & Comic Con return to the UAE for its seventh year and there is going to be a special guest – Kristian Nairn, the Game of Thrones’ star who plays Hodor. Comic Con, which takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from the 5th to the 7th of April.

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Someone shoved Camila Cabello and stuck gum in her hair!

March 20, 2018

Camila Cabello has taken the music world by storm and has collected a huge following of fans in the process. This also means that she has gained a few haters too. One of them showed up while she was performing at Lollapalooza Chile 2018 over the weekend. The unidentified woman walked onto the stage, shoved Camila’s head and then stuck chewing gum in her hair.

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Taylor Swift is a copycat with her new video for Delicate

March 19, 2018

Taylor Swift released a video for her song ‘Delicate’ from her album Reputation last week and it has become a topic of controversy. The Internet and all the people who fill it with their opinions have drawn uncanny similarities between Taylor’s video and a Kenzo fragrance advert.

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Mission Impossible returns to the UAE

March 12, 2018

The last time Mission Impossible came to the UAE it was for 2011’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol where Tom Cruise climbed the Burj Khalifa. Now he is back for the upcoming Mission Impossible: Fallout, he posted a shot of him jumping from a helicopter over the desert on his Instagram. Dropping in. Summer ‘18. #MissionImpossibleFallout A post shared by Tom […]

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Watch Jade and Faris go head to head in an epic rap battle

March 11, 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day, our Heart Breakfast presenter Faris took on Heart Morning’s Jade in a witty, fast and truly entertaining on-air rap battle. Faris might argue that it was a close call, but the listeners weighed in, picking Jade and handing her the crown. 

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Pentatonix have got some ‘New Rules’

March 11, 2018

Pentatonix, the American acapella group from Texas is popular across the Internet, especially Youtube. The quintet is known for their lively and almost unbelievable covers and mash-ups of current songs. They have recently covered Dua Lipa’s hit ‘New Rules’ and Aaliyah’s ‘Are You That Somebody?’ 1998 classic and we are in awe.

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