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tara strong comic con interview middle east dubai
Heart FM: Exclusive Comic Con Interview with Tara Strong

April 11, 2019

Tara Strong is the Queen of Voices and behind some of our favourite cartoons, from Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) to Batgirl to Dil Pickles! We were curious to know what she sounds like in reel real life and got in on an exclusive interview on the Heart Breakfast show at Comic Con. She told us […]

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Heart FM: Exclusive Comic Con Interview with Ross Marquand

April 11, 2019

On day 1 of Comic Con, we caught up with Ross Marquand for an exclusive interview! The American actor Ross Marquand is known for his role as the late Paul Newman on Mad Men and from the hit TV-show The Walking Dead as Aaron. He’s also played the role of Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War!!! Heart Afternoons with Fadi […]

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In Conversation with Modest Fashion Designer Asiya Rafiq

April 3, 2019

Modest fashion design Asiya Rafiq brought over her infectious energy to our studios for an exclusive interview with Katie on Heart Mornings! She told us about what “modest fashion” means, how she started designing for people with determination and how it can be challenging at times. Have a look at her inspiring story.

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In Conversation With Michael Lamprecht – Event Manager of MEFCC!

April 3, 2019

Just ahead of Comic Con 2019, we got Event Manager of MEFCC Michael Lamprecht to drop by for an exclusive interview with Katie on Heart Mornings! He gave us the inside scoop on what to expect at this year’s Comic Con and why it’s more than just about Marvel and DC superheroes! Have a look here. […]

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exclusive interview with Ahmed Ahmed
Heart Breakfast Exclusive Interview with Comedian Ahmed Ahmed

March 19, 2019

Egyptian-American standup Ahmed Ahmed dropped by our studios for a quick interview and LOTS of laughs with the Heart Breakfast team. The multi-talented comedian, took us through his journey from acting to having one of the first Middle Eastern comedy shows on Comedy Central to opening for Vince Vaughn. And how the success came with a […]

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Heart Mornings With Katie Interviews Ahmed ‘Fizo’ Younis

March 16, 2019

Dubai Lynx gave a us a chance to meet some of the region’s creative thought leaders and Katie from Heart Mornings missed no opportunity to get 10 minutes with Ahmed ‘Fizo’ Younis, Head of Creative Shop, Facebook & Instagram MENA. From launching the 1st creative agency in Egypt to spearheading award-winning campaigns for Coca-Cola, Nestle, […]

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Marvin Moore and DJ Vlader: Heart 107.1 FM exclusive interview

February 28, 2019

Don’t we love surprises! Especially, when it’s a BIG one. 3 time Grammy winner Marvin Moore of Product G&B and uber talented DJ Vlader dropped in to our studios for an exclusive interview with Fadi on the Heart Afternoon show! The duo were in town for a gig at Empire, Yas Island for special edition of Urban Empire, featuring […]

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Heart Mornings with Katie interviews Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri

November 29, 2018

Nina Davuluri is an acclaimed host, speaker, advocate & entrepreneur, she first gained international recognition by becoming the first Indian American and South Asian to become Miss America 2014. Her most recent venture combines the network she has cultivated, her love for advocacy, and disrupting global beauty standards with the launch of her innovative skincare line, […]

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Heart Mornings Katie Interviews Sophie Le Ray

November 14, 2018

Our very own Katie Overy had the pleasure of sitting down with Sophie Le Ray,  Founder of the Women in Leadership (WIL) Forum, an annual platform that aims to promote female leadership worldwide.   Building on its success in the past 9 years, the Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum announced that its 2018 edition will be taking place on […]

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Heart Mornings With Katie Interviews Shadowland Cast

September 12, 2018

The most sensational show on earth is coming to Dubai for the first time, Shadowland, and we had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing cast behind it. Katie from Heart Mornings was joined in the studio with them to talk about their upcoming shows this weekend. You can still grab your tickets from […]

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