Faris Al Raqqad

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Jordan, Faris is a cross of two very amazing cultures.
In 2013, he started his radio career – covering for presenters on vacation every couple of months until he was finally given a mid-day show on one of the top stations in Jordan.
He quickly rose through the ranks!

Before he knew it he had moved from his midday slot to drive-time. His passion for radio really shines through during his show, as well as quirkiness, sarcasm, and lightning-fast wit.
Faris and his partner-in-crime, Tim are the perfect dose of double-trouble to get you up and out of bed in the morning!

Get to Know Faris:

If I could only keep one album from my collection it would be…

“If I could only keep one album it would probably have to be American Idiot by Green Day, it might be lame but it’s the first album that I bought and I still love it today.”

I fell in love with radio when…

“I fell in love with Radio when I watched a film called ‘Pirate Radio’; it described being a radio presenter as being a fan with attitude, not directly involved with the making of the music, but being the fan that is on the frontlines, and it really resonated with me.”

If I won 100 Million Dirhams I would…

“I’d probably invest in real estate, open a radio station… and start a stray dog sanctuary.”

My motto / mantra is…

“One of my main mottos is “Different strokes for different folks”, everybody is different and we should celebrate those differences rather than waste our time trying to change one another. Also, Love yourself, and you will have a lifelong romance”

Something you might not know about me is…

“Something you might not know about me is that I’m actually very introverted outside of the radio station.”

I can’t live without…

“I can’t live without my video games, they’re my escape and I’d be bored out of my head without them.”

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