Katie Overy

Born and raised in the UK, Katie’s passion for performing started at a young age, appearing in school and local theatre productions. In 2008 she flew to Dubai in search of greener pastures (or sandier as the case may be) and instantly found herself at home in the city’s media and events scene. Her quick-witted humour and sparkling personality proved she could hold her own with any audience.


Katie brings her lively and effortless enthusiasm to Heart Mornings along with her quick wit and charm. Plus, the daily Pick Me Up Track which you get to choose, 2in1 Tuesday… can you guess the connection between the tracks? She’ll keep you up to date with all the hot entertainment gossip with Katie’s Confidential and, of course, there’s always plenty of prizes to win!


Best Concert Memory

“I have been very lucky to have been to some amazing concerts in my life, but it’s a close tie between Michael Jackson’s HIStory tour at Wembley in London in 1997 and Prince performing the after-race concert at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2010.  And I couldn’t not mention the five times I’ve seen the Spice Girls live either; they always put on a great show!”


Music Is Great Because…

“For me, it’s taken me to a whole other place; no cares, no worries. Just music!”


Life Motto

“Be Happy Always”

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What a feeling