Liv hums when she’s happy. She used to drive her dad crazy humming tunes in the back of the car. Refusing to kick the habit she still hums her way through life.

Growing up in London, Liv started her working life off in TV, landing her first job as a production assistant for TWI / The European Tour golf. This combined her love of sport with her love for production. From golf programming to shopping telly to the Discovery Channel to promo directing for the Sci-Fi Channel her career then took her to Dubai.

Having presented gaming and holiday programming in her TV career, and a stint presenting the football fixtures for the first English Premiere League productions in the Middle East, she decided she preferred hiding behind a mic to being in front of camera and started to build a name for herself as a voice over artist.

She’s now the voice of many household brands in the Middle East.

This passion for audio and voice work led her on to radio, and on to Heart. Liv can now be heard regularly taking control of the studio mic across the Heart daytime shows.

If I could only keep one album from my collection it would be…

Sooo hard to choose, I’m an eclectic lover of old school house, guitar based bands and more jazzy soulful tracks. Maybe The Police’s greatest hits for nostalgic reasons.

I fell in love with radio when…

It came from, and with, my love for music; from listening to my dad’s records while he cooked a Sunday roast; from having the radio on in the car on long drives to family holidays in France.

If I won 100 Million Dirhams I would…

I’d put a fair few million into a holiday fund for friends and family, the circle of trust would get to holiday any time they liked, with group skiing holidays arranged annually. The remainder I’d invest in my love of property. You can tell I’ve thought about this question, a lot!

My motto / mantra is…

Kindness costs nothing.

Something you might not know about me…

I’ve represented the UAE in ultimate frisbee in 3 World Championships; in Italy (2011) Dubai (yes it was held in Dubai in 2015) and in France (2017).

I can’t live without…

My truck. Generally I’m all about the environment; less single use plastic; less food waste, but my gas guzzling truck is my one vice. Cap and radio on, it makes me feel am cruising around Cali. Wherever I park my truck, that’s kinda my home.

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