Sheron Nanayakkara

Sheron is a vibrant force on-air, who brings her own brand of bubbliness and livens up any conversation with her energetic charisma.  

With a voice that’s instantly recognizable and a memorable laugh that you would do well to forget, Sheron’s on-air persona is one that is sure to get the city in a buzz. 

Hailing from the tropical island of Ceylon, Sheron has over a decade of radio experience under her belt. Pretty much the walking definition of “do everything you can while you can do it”. 

Join her as she combines her brand of craziness with that of her co-hosts, Tim & Faris, every weekday morning.

Get to know Sheron:

If I could only keep one album from my collection it would be…

“Millennium – for starters, it’s THE BACKSTREET BOYS, pretty self-explanatory that, but also because each track, from start to finish, has a distinctive memory for me, in my early forays into the music world.”


I fell in love with radio when…

“1999. A Shaggy Concert. First Yacht party in Sri Lanka. And it was all being promoted on the radio. It got me intrigued, it had my attention and I was hooked. Purely because of the smoothness in its promotion all the way to the execution of the near perfect concert, I fell in love with the endless possibilities of a radio frequency. Shame then, that I could never actually make the concert. Something about my school and education and having to sit for my GSCE’s or something like that. Apparently, THAT was more important.”


If I won 100 Million Dirhams I would…

“Definitely get a lot of stamps on the old passport, that’s for sure! Seriously, on the flight back home after a vacation, I’m already booking my next ticket out. I don’t worry about a healthy bank account, and well, who would, after a 100 MILLION DIRHAMS?!”


My motto / mantra is…

“What’s the point in having a cake if you can’t eat it?”


Something you might not know about me is…

Don’t tell my folks, but in my late teens I took a 30-foot dive into deep waters off a suspension bridge, just because it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. There was six of us. Five chickened out. Yeah, still proud about that one.


I can’t live without…

The end of the cosmetics industry spells the end for me too, in all honesty, so there’s that, but there’s also – and bear with me on this one – my trusty smartphone. I couldn’t get by a single day without it, but really, how many people can raise their hands and say that they can? Not a lot!

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