Tim hartman

Tim is mid-western American who has been obsessed with music since childhood.
He always wondered how to translate his love of music into a viable career. After finding that he was a better consumer than producer of music, he decided it might be best to use a mic to talk rather than sing!

Tim started in radio in his homeland, the U.S of A – particularly in his home state of Ohio. From Ohio, he then spent most of his career in Las Vegas followed by a very a brief stint in St. Louis.

After he had outgrown America he decided to spread his wing and set-off to pastures new – the Middle East to be precise.
Since 2013 he’s been based in Amman, Jordan, spending 2016 and 2017 as half of the highly successful Tim & Farris show. Now he joins him again in the city of gold; Dubai.

Get to Know Tim:

If I could only keep one album from my collection it would be…

“No question – The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St. – I’m old skool, old skool…and old skool”

I fell in love with radio when…

“I was 5. I wanted to be around music but couldn’t sing or play to save my life!”

If I won 100 Million Dirhams I would…

“Retire and do nothing but travel. Dave Cleary is my inspiration. Cheers Dave!”

My motto / mantra is…

“Life is WAY too short to not have some fun in whatever you’re doing”

Something you might not know about me is…

“I was spelling bee champion in not just 6th grade but 7th grade too. Started slacking in 8th grade”

I can’t live without…

“My radio (LL Cool J)! No, I can’t live without discovering new music. I’m a lifelong music and record nerd – it’s a bit obsessive really”

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