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Heart Breakfast with Tim, Faris & Sheron

The American / Arab duo have taken-over the airwaves with their top-notch breakfast show. Faris has a British/Jordanian background complete with a good mix of the British and Arab humour.

In 2013, Faris started his radio career – covering for presenters on vacation every couple of months until he was finally given a mid-day show on one of the top stations in Jordan. He quickly rose through the ranks!

Before he knew it, he had moved from his midday slot to drive-time. His passion for radio really shines through during his show, as well as quirkiness, sarcasm, and lightning-fast wit.

Faris and his partner-in-crime, Tim are the perfect dose of double-trouble to get you up and out of bed in the morning!

Tim on the other is mid-western American who has been obsessed with music since childhood.

He always wondered how to translate his love of music into a viable career. After finding that he was a better consumer than producer of music, he decided it might be best to use a mic to talk rather than sing!

Tim started in radio in his homeland, the U.S-of-A – particularly in his home state of Ohio. From Ohio, he then spent most of his career in Las Vegas followed by a very a brief stint in St. Louis.

After he had outgrown America he decided to spread his wing and set-off to pastures new – the Middle East to be precise.

Since 2013 he’s been based in Amman, Jordan, spending 2016 and 2017 as half of the highly successful Tim & Farris show. Now he joins him again in the city of gold; Dubai.

Join the duo for a fun-packed side-splitter of a wake-up call – now there really is no better way to get out of bed in the morning than with these two cheeky chappies!

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