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Heart Mornings with Fadi

One of the UAE’s most loved voices, Fadi presents the morning show, with a mix of entertaining features. Fadi is one of the most experienced radio presenters in the UAE who has a huge following. Known to his friends as ‘Fadilicious’, he has the passion and knowledge of music to take his great new slot to another level. He’s entertaining, witty and is definitely no stranger to sarcasm.


Fadi is an avid sports-fan and will be quick to point out that Liverpool FC is his team!

“My passion for world music was born after a move to the UK in 1982. I moved in order to study for my O-level exams. I bought my first records that year during my studies at Bradfield College. I took up a part-time job and was assailed by music day in and day out,” he said. His taste in music then inclined towards mainstream pop music, which has evolved over the years to more refined and eclectic music”.

He has a particular passion for dance music. “I am very dedicated to dance music. I am always educating and introducing new styles of music to the public. I do that with my experimenting with different track styles during my radio shows.” Mansour has a very quiet social life. “I work very long hours doing the six shows and gigs. They consume all my energy.” Asked about his British counterparts on the radio, he said that he has the utmost respect for them and their work.

Fadi is very optimistic about the future of radio. “I would like to see radio presenters become more involved in the commercial business aspect when selling programmes or air time. This means having more say in the advertisements and sponsorships that purchase time on radio. At this moment, DJs have no say in this realm.” He is also interested in getting into music production and artist management.

If you love your music, movies, food and classic one liners then your definitely in the right place


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