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Dubai Ramadan Cannon Locations
Here’s Why Cannons Are Fired in Dubai During Ramadan

May 8, 2019

Heard some cannon blasts across the city of Dubai? Keep calm, ’cause the iconic cannon blasts are actually a signal for Iftar! The age-old tradition is one of the most loved parts of Ramadan here in Dubai. Naturally, we were intrigued to know more about the cannons. The origins of this Ramadan tradition goes way […]

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Cars in Dubai Police Fleet video
The Dubai Police Fleet Are Really The Coolest! This Video is Proof!

April 21, 2019

And there’s no question about it. Vlogger, Alex Hirschi aka “Supercar Blondie” recently got to check out the Dubai Police’s fleet at Sky Dive Dubai and the internet can’t handle it. From a Porsche Panamera 4s to a BMW i8 to… wait for it… McLaren 570s, the video gets up and close to the stellar fleet! […]

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Dubai Police Have Their Very Own Crime Show
Dubai Police Have Their Very Own Crime Show

March 5, 2019

Always on the hunt for a new crime-thriller? Look no further ’cause Dubai Police have their very own crime show on IGTV! They recently released the real life drama teaser, backed with a very dramatic tagline, ”no matter how hard you try and conceal the evidence, we will uncover it”. Eeks! Episode 1 “Behind the yellow […]

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