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Heart 107.1 took a fine dining trip on the JA Bateaux Dubai

July 22, 2018

If you love food, you will love JA Bateaux Dubai – the city’s only luxury dining cruise. Dave Cleary from Heart Drive, along with six lucky listeners, got to witness the splendour and magic of feasting on exquisite cuisine whilst floating across the city. We got to see and taste first hand why it is listed […]

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The Lemon Face Challenge, the new challenge taking over the Internet

April 17, 2018

Social media loves its challenges with a passion. Over the years we have had an array of #challenges however, some challenges are not just for entertainment but rather to educate the public about a cause, like the Lemon Face Challenge to raise funds to combat DIPG.

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Heart 107.1 parodies Dua Lipa’s ‘Give It Up’

April 15, 2018

At Heart 107.1, we love Dua Lipa and her track ‘Give It Up,’ but we love pizza way more. In fact, we love it so much that Jade from Heart Mornings wrote a song about it. So, for your entertainment, we present our very own Dua Lipa parody below. Don’t forget to comment and tell […]

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