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Justin Timberlake Birthday
Guess Who’s Snoozing On Justin Timberlake’s 39th Birthday!

January 31, 2019

It’s Justin Timberlake’s 39th birthday and someone’s busy catching up on her beauty sleep! The bonafide heartthrob shared a post on Instagram of him singing “Happy birthday” while wifey Jessica Biel was taking a “quick nap” before their big night out! Clealry, #Timberbiel has different agenda’s for the night! View this post on Instagram Gotta […]

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Justin Timberlake And Shawn Mendes Perform Amazing Duet

September 25, 2018

Our dreams came true when Justin Timberlake and Shawn Mendes hit the stage together and performed the ultimate duo. We are in love. Justin spoke highly of Shawn before he came on the stage by saying he was “one of the coolest cats I’ve met”. The bromance was recipricated as Shawn later took to Instagram […]

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Justin Timberlake takes on the Super Bowl halftime

February 5, 2018

Whether you watch American Football or not, you have to admit, you love the big halftime performances. This year’s Super Bowl performer was Justin Timberlake, who put on quite a show. He danced and rang through some of his biggest hits, he also performed with a projection of Prince on a large purple cloth…

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Super Bowl Selfie With Justin Timberlake

February 5, 2018

13-year-old spectator, Ryan McKenna, has become a viral sensation after getting a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show. Justin ran into the crowd at the Super Bowl towards the end of his performance and took a selfie with that one lucky kid. However after the selfie was done Ryan McKenna didn’t […]

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